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Electronic partners

Global Electronics has more than 25 years’ experience of assembling electronics for prestigious customers in the high-tech market. We have evolved from EMS to fully-fledged fulfilment partner over the last few years. As a committed partner, we perform the assembly of high-quality products while keeping costs as low as possible. We support customers’ development through the implementation of an extensive DFM/DFA analysis prior to the process. Global Electronics has a wide range of competencies that helps to guide a product from design to supply.


Global Electronics creates prototypes and batch production for customers from various market segments, including telecommunication, computer industry, high voltage technology, laboratory industry, measuring and control technology, chemical and petrochemical sectors, defence and security and IOT, and the medical industry. Take a look at our cases for an impression of our versatility.



With an eye for detail and focus on efficiency, Global Electronics is able to assemble and test a prototype within five days. In addition, we offer various services to guide the product from the drawing table all the way to distribution


  • DFM/DFA sessions
  • Tool, software and PCB design
  • Component programming
  • PCB Assembly and soldering
  • (Electrical) test methods
  • Stock management
  • Order intake
  • Conditioned storage
  • Framework contracts
  • End product batch production
  • Box Build production
  • Global shipment

A personal project manager is on your side throughout the entire process. You will receive constant feedback from our specialists so that any faults can be detected and resolved as early as possible. This keeps the process efficiency at a maximum, for time, quality and cost.



Global Electronics supports you during the entire process of developing your product. Whether you delegate a part of or the process, we help you  produce and market a high-quality product. Are you curious about what we can achieve? Please contact one of our specialists.

Jeroen Schuiling

At Global Electronics BV I am responsible for sales, marketing & communication and project management. An extensive role where I throw myself, to my heart’s content, into every day. Your interests and wishes as a customer are always paramount. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about the possibilities Global Electronics BV offers concerning your product or design. I am convinced that we can surprise you with everything we can do for you!

Gerrit Versteeg

As technical director I am involved in process and product engineering and the analysis of prototypes and new products introduced by our customers. Global Electronics BV is growing and to support the growth I am also the one who prepares and helps to implement investments. I am the founder and co-CEO of Global Electronics BV since 1993. I would like to talk to you about the design of a product and the possibilities for improvement and optimization.

Gerbert Schuilenborg

As head of purchasing at Global Electronics BV, my main task is to ensure fast and high-quality implementation and execution of all aspects important for the order and delivery of your product. I’d love to converse about guiding the logistics process, finding the right materials and advice about optimizing a product in terms of availability and manufacturability.

Meino Toering

I’ve worked at Global Electronics BV as general manager since 2015. My ambition is to continuously meet the changing demands of our customers. It is my belief that Global Electronics can succeed in doing this together with its employees, who have a passion for technology and always want to go the extra mile for our customers. Being able to do this together is also the main reason for me to become co-DGA of Global Electronics from 2017 onwards.

Belén ten Hoopen - Rojas Conde

Within Global Electronics BV I am responsible for the financial, personnel and health and safety policy. Attracting specialists and ensuring they can do their work under optimal and safe conditions is a great challenge I like to take on again and again. Do you have questions about one of these topics? I’d be happy to provide you with more information.



25 years proactively improving your products

  • Quality

    Our processes are designed in such a way that at many moments a judgment is quickly and expertly made about the quality.