Bronkhorst – Form fit & function

Zeer veel verschillende types in 1 batch geproduceerd

Form fit and function: very important parameters for our customer Bronkhorst BV. Almost all their products are designed to fit within one type of housing. This makes it very easy for customers of Bronkhorst BV to exchange, upgrade or replace without interfering with running systems or side-equipment.

Bronkhorst uses a unique concept that brings challenges in assembly because new developments can lead to a design with more components while as the form-factor (PCB-dimensions) stays the same.

Bronkhorst BV and Global Electronics BV are working closely together to ensure this unique concept can be maintained. By involving Global Electronics in an early stage in new  engineering-projects our knowledge and expertise are being  exploited to the max by Bronkhorst to come to a final design that can be produced costefficient and in large numbers while ensuring the important starting points for Bronkhorst and her customers.

For each different projects we choose what experts will be involved and which projectmanager will accompany the project internally and externaly. From design and prototyping-phase up to the final design and massproduction, frequent contactmoments are arranged to make sure possible obstacles or time-slowing circumstances are eliminated in an early stage so to ensure the progress of the project.

Each projectteam is formed around the specific needs and wishes of our customer but the core of each team always exists of purchase, engineering, sales and data-analysis. As the project develops, other specialists can be added to the team to ensure the product receives the specific attention it needs at that moment.  Op deze manier garanderen we dat elk product kwalitatief hoogstaand, tegen zo laag mogelijke kosten en on time delivery naar de markt kan en blijft Bronkhorst haar leidende rol in de markt houden. This is the way to make sure that each and every product is produced with high quality, low cost and on time so our customer can keep it`s leading role in the market.  A cooperation that has been going on for many years with great succes.

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