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The beginning

Two students from Enschede, just graduated from the UT, came up with the amazing idea and decided to work out the concept into a product that they know has added value in the current landscape of home automation and domotics.

The idea: a voice-controlled hub with which you can control your entire home, without the means of remote controls or apps. Just that one hub to take over all the tasks and which you can control with your voice. The idea for Homey was born.

The two started working on the first hard- and software developments and soon the team was expanded with more expertise in various areas and grew the need for a number of professionally made prototypes to test the emerged ideas and to perfect the Homey. Via a trusted friend they got introduced to Global Electronics where they shared their needs and wishes.

After a couple of conversations an agreement was put on the table: Global Electronics was going to sponsor the very first prototypes of Homey. As company we find it very important to stimulate and support young entrepreneurs and to help them market their product.


Very successful on Kickstarter

After a successful proto production run, Atom BV had the right material to further develop Homey and was already preparing the hardware to start a Kick-starter campaign. The much needed funding had to be collected to actually market the product.

The goal was to raise €100.000,-. It actually doubled and the media started to pick up the story, which caused things to gain momentum. Now real products had to be produced and, in addition to Global Electronics, we were looking for the right production partner to produce the 1000 Homey’s already sold.


The collaboration

Thanks to the strong proposition, flexibility and commitment shown, the Athom team opted for Global Electronics as their production partner, something we are still very proud of. Cooperation is decisive in this project. Atom really wanted to have the production done in the Netherlands, but of course at a competitive price. By joining together, exchanging ideas, experimenting with the most efficient production methods and by sitting down the suppliers to get the best price-quality proposals, we have managed to product a product that is competitive in price, high in quality and unique to the current market. Collaboration really pays off!

Global Electronics completely relieves Atom by building the Homey box-build. From supply chain to assembly, final composition, testing, programming and eventually packing and sending the product to end customers and distribution centers. Atom’s own project manager at Global Electronics made sure that everything, from beginning to the end, went perfectly. This way, Athom could completely focus on improving their product, their marketing and sales and coming up with beautiful, brand new products.



As soon as all the Kickstarter buyers received their product and after de Homey community had given their feedback on the Homey, a number of design changes were implemented and the hardware proved to be completely stable. This has always been our starting point: hardware first. Updates and solving challenges could then be fixed and implemented through software. After a number of weeks the software and speech recognition also appeared to be functioning stably and the big moment arrived: the release of Homey on the market with MediaMarkt as its biggest distributor, which made the Homey available in more than twenty locations throughout The Netherlands. Homey is the first Dutch product that successfully made the step from Kickstarter to MediaMarkt, something to be very proud of!

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