Accurate measurements of gasses and fluids

Flowmeters, or meters of gasses and/or fluids are ususally found in the sector where large quantities have to be measured. Global Electronics produces for her customers exactly the opposite of this: flowmeters where extremely small quantities have to be measured (nano)

Deze tak van sport vereist een zeer hoge kwaliteit en stabiliteit aangezien deze hardware onder andere in ziekenhuizen wordt ingezet en dus van invloed kan zijn op het welbevinden van patiƫnten. Ook in de voedingsmiddelenindustrie en laboratoria wordt deze hardware wereldwijd ingezet en het is voor onze klanten goed om te weten dat ze van ons een stabiel, betrouwbaar en hoogwaardig product ontvangen dat aan alle eisen van de markt voldoet.

The hardware needed for this sector demands a very high quality and stability because among others this hardware is installed in hospitals and can therefor be of influence on the wellbeing of patients. Also in de foot-industry and laboratories this hardware is used worldwide and so it is good to know for our customers and end-users that they receive a stable, reliable and high-quality product that complies with all the demands of the market.

Global Electronics helps us realise a good delivery performance to our buyers. There is adequately responded to the demands and wishes of an always changing market. The company is characterised as a no-nonsense organisation where quality, craftmanship and delivery reliability are considered to be very important. Through the flexible stance, the solution focussed thought process and the fulfilling of commitments, it is a pleasant company to work with.